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DRS Document Repository

Storing your business assets in a centralized document repository is a smart idea that protects the corporate assets that support your business. DRS makes it easy, by providing a secure, reliable document repository as a core component of our document management software. Best of all, getting your files into DRS is as simple as saving them to a disk drive then uploading them through our Upload Option. Once a Document has been uploaded into the Repository access is granted to all users that have been configured to view the document of that specific application.

1. What Can Centralized Document Storage do for Your Business?

  • Reduce disk and file space needed for document storage
  • Maximize the value of your documents across departments
  • Simplify data backup and recovery
  • Prevent data loss from human error
  • Secure sensitive corporate information
  • Maintain centralized access to all your business documents

2. Reduce the Amount of Disk Space Needed for Document Storage

Storing files on desktops and on local drives can result in data redundancy and electronic filing chaos. DRS gives you the advantage of a single virtual document repository that is shared between all your resources, so documents aren't duplicated across departments and you need less space to store it. All electronic documents in the repository are tagged so document retrieval is fast and reliable.

3. Simplify Data Backup for Compliance and Due Diligence

Storing your digital documents in a centralized document repository makes it easy to perform daily backups, ensuring you'll always have your business-critical information duplicated in the event of downtime or disaster. DRS simplifies the process with automatic backups of the repository.

4. Leverage Your Full Knowledgebase for Competitive Advantage

Because the DRS document repository puts all your corporate assets in one location, it's easy to collaborate with internal and external entities. Authorized users simply search and retrieve documents based on content. There's no need to email important documents back and forth, and there's no chance you'll miss information critical to the task at hand.

5. Secure Your Most Sensitive Data

Don't risk sharing your intellectual property through email or allowing employees to access it without proper control. Take control of your sensitive corporate information by storing it in the DRS document repository, where you can customize and control who can access, view and edit it. Much safer than local drives or thumb drives, the DRS document management system features authentication and password protection to ensure that documents are accessed only by authorized users as well as full auditing to track what is being done with each document and by who.

6. Minimize the Risk of Data Loss Associated with Human Error

Accidental deletion of data and files is all too common, but it's completely preventable when your data is centralized and secured. The DRS document repository includes check-in and check-out procedures that prevent multiple users from editing the same document concurrently. And all past revisions of business documents are saved so you can quickly access old versions or recover files in the event of an accidental deletion.

7. Centralize and Manage All Your Corporate Assets, Including Email

Compliance regulations require that emails and attachments be backed up and retrievable in the event of an audit. DRS can be configured to automatically save incoming and outgoing correspondence in the document repository. Once saved in the repository, emails and attachments can be classified with appropriate tags, key terms and metadata, just like any other document or object type.

8. With DRS, You Can Centralize and Secure All Types of Files in Your Document Repository:

  • Microsoft Office documents
  • Emails and attachments
  • Scanned documents
  • PDF files from any application
  • Data from external databases
  • CAD files
  • Pictures and graphics
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