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COLD (Computer Output to Disk/Server or Cloud Techology)

DRS Imaging Services is your COLD specialist.

DRS provides affordable Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) services at our regional facilities in New York, Atlanta, Houston and Florida, or we can come to your site. Save time and money by transferring your greenbar reports to electronic format for report management. We are COLD experts. COLD is an advanced enterprise report management (ERM) system that replaces "greenbar" printed reports (such as accounting reports, loan records, inventories, shipping and receiving documents, and customer bills) and supplements COM for the storage and fast retrieval of computer-generated data.

Mainframe and mid-range computer-generated reports can be automatically processed, indexed, compressed, stored, and made securely available on company networks or the Internet. Multiple users can easily gain authorized access to the same report or legacy information simultaneously.

DRS is one of the few companies that has experienced personnel, equipment and facilities to perform enterprise report management COLD operations. DRS's mobile scanning units can capture sensitive documents right at your site! Moreover, our highly secure regional facilities have the expertise to quickly convert scanned documents to indexed laser disks, with fast turnaround guaranteed. With DRS, you never have to worry about sensitive documents being shipped offshore for COLD conversion!

Cloud Computing

In addition to enterprise report management, DRS has the ability to host computer-output images via our online repository (AKA Cloud Computing). We have been hosting images for clients since 2001 and understand cloud computing as it pertains to your document/hosting needs.

With over 50 years of Experience, DRS Processes more than 100 Million Documents Annually!

Our specialists work everyday with COLD operations. DRS processes more than 100 million documents per year, making us one of the nations largest document imaging service companies. When it comes to COLD experience and capabilities, DRS Imaging Services is a "no-brainer." Why not go with the best?

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