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Data Entry

Cost-Effective Data Entry Services.

The DRS Group has ten locations, with major data entry outsourcing facilities in New York, Atlanta, Houston and Florida, which operate around the clock. Our skilled resources and data entry equipment are available to you to digitize important information. Rather than dedicate in-house personnel to labor-intensive data entry, outsource it to us - we can do it faster and cheaper.

Low or High-Volume Data Entry Jobs - It doesn't make any Difference.

The DRS Group offers affordable data entry outsourcing services, either at one of our convenient facilities or onsite at your location, with guaranteed results at less cost than you can do it yourself! Convert your import data to indexed CDs, DVDs or a Web repository or database with secure worldwide access. Archive information and prepare for disaster recovery! In addition to our own resources for electronic archiving, DRS has strategic relationships with off-shore firms that specialize in data entry. For high volume applications, this is an extremely cost-effective answer, and you don't have to sacrifice security or worry about documents being lost to enjoy a low price. DRS works closely with these firms to ensure that they meet our high standards for document security, safety and data entry accuracy.

Enjoy Fast, Secure Access by Placing your Data on Indexed CDs, DVDs or a Web Document Repository.

Our data entry outsourcing services yield electronic information which is then formatted to your specifications. Once digitized, it can be transmitted electronically through high-speed communication lines, delivered on indexed CDs or DVDs, or uploaded to a Web repository for online document management with secure worldwide access.

Archive Important Data and Prepare for Disaster Recovery.

Our affordable data entry services allow critical data to be converted to electronic format for archiving on CDs, DVDs and online storage. Since off-site storage is easily possible, you will also be prepared to quickly recover in the event of a disaster.

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