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Facilities Management

DRS Imaging Services has a Cost-Effective Solution for Managing your Onsite Facilities!

If you have an in-house facility for document, microfilm, microfiche or aperture card scanning and conversion, is it being run effectively? Is work being completed on time? Are facilities management costs remaining within the budget? Are you satisfied with the quality? Do the range of services satisfy your needs?

The DRS Group has extensive experience in facilities management.

In fact, we currently manage a large west coast document imaging facility for Sony. Call our integrated facilities management company - we will perform a free analysis of your existing operation and present you with a plan for improvement.

Maybe your equipment needs updating or you simply don't have enough resources. Perhaps the skill level of your operators is lacking. It could be that you are spending way too much, not utilizing the cost-benefit analysis. Our in-depth experience as an integrated facilities management company allows us to come up with a plan that will give you more "bang for the buck."

In addition to providing experienced integrated facilities management and proven policies, we will supplement your facility on-site with skilled personnel as necessary. Equipment and technology that you could not previously afford will now be available to process your work.

Save Money and Worry with DRS On-Site Facilities Management

Once DRS assumes management for your in-house facility, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Budgeting will be a predictable process, and when you need something fast, you know you will get it. If in-house capacity is not sufficient, DRS can handle overflow work in its nine 24x7 imaging centers.

Moreover, we can supplement in-house capabilities with our outsource technologies to accomplish on-site facilities management work that was previously cost-prohibitive.

Save money. Save worry. Talk to us today!

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