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Online Document Storage

Document Management Software and Online Storage:

  • Convert your Paper Documents to Electronic Format for Fast, Secure 24/7 Worldwide Access
  • Benefit from Disaster Preparedness, Compliance with Legal Requirements, Data Mining, Reduced Costs and Enhanced Productivity
  • Onsite Document Conversion Available Too!
  • Major DRS Document Scanning and Conversion Facilities in New York, Atlanta, Virginia, Houston, Florida and Four other Locations, Including Puerto Rico

Improve your Bottom Line and Disaster Recovery Preparedness while Providing 24x7 Secure, Worldwide Access to Critical Data!

The DRS Group offers affordable online storage and document management software with secure 24x7 worldwide access. This is a cost-effective solution for multiple office access, cost reduction, legal compliance, data mining and disaster recovery. We have regional facilities in New York, Atlanta, Houston and Florida, plus five other locations, including Puerto Rico. Save space and money by taking advantage of the DRS document management software solution and hosting service. Provide your employees and customers with secure worldwide access on a 24x7 basis. Outside your budget and skill level? Don't worry - our highly-skilled specialist will handle everything. Before you know it, your company will improve its bottom line by enhancing its information availability with our leading document management software.

DRS has the Tools, Experience and Expertise to Put your Documents Online.

The DRS Group can convert your paper documents and microfiche/film to PDF documents that are fully indexed for fast retrieval. We provide you with a dedicated server at one of our facilities and a secure means of communicating with that data. All of the set-up, ongoing work and maintenance is handled by DRS.

Affordable, Fast and Cost-Effective Online Document Management

Turn over the capturing, managing, storing and online delivery of key documents to DRS. Our secure and cost-effective online document management software solution can be working for your company within a short amount of time, increasing the positive impact on your operations, efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee morale.

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DRS Online Storage and Document Management Software:

  • Accessibility is by authorization only. You control who gets to see what.
  • Employees and customers now have worldwide online access to retrieve information they need now, without having to go through the corporate office. This is especially beneficial for remote branches, sales and support people, and foreign offices.
  • Single point of access for documents now residing on disparate systems in a variety of formats.
  • Management reports are easier to create and distribute.
  • Data mining can provide insights on operations or improving market penetration.
  • It is easier to prove compliance with legal requirements or to address a lawsuit when critical information can be quickly located and made available.
  • Disaster preparedness is enhanced by storing critical information offsite. Even if a natural or man-made disaster strikes your facility, company operations will continue because employees and customers still have access to critical information.
  • Outsourcing this function saves money compared to establishing an in-house capability, hiring skilled personnel and maintaining the document management software solution over the years with equipment replacements and hardware/software upgrades.
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