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Document scanning and imaging services in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Washingon DC and more.

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Imaging Services

The DRS Group of Companies Offers:

  • Onsite or Outsource Document Scanning and Imaging Services.
  • Major Company Facilities in New York, Atlanta, Houston, Virginia, Florida and Four other Locations, Including Puerto Rico.

Document, Microfilm, Micrographics or Aperture Card Scanning Services

DRS is your solution for outsource or onsite document imaging services, microfilm, microfiche or aperture card scanning, conversion and indexing to CDs, DVDs or the Web for easy, secure access and disaster preparedness. Save money, time and resources - Outsource your documents and micrographic scannings. Create secure, indexed CDs or DVDs for fast document access and disaster recovery.

Want to reduce your paper volume? Digitizing critical documents will streamline your business, and save you time and money. Electronic documents are easy to store, transport, route and view. They also support disaster recovery, since copies can be safely stored offsite.

DRS document imaging services will do it all for you, from scanning to document shredding!

DRS handles the document preparation, scanning, indexing and conversion. We can satisfy your conversion needs for paper documents, microfiche, aperture card and microfilm, regardless of the volume. DRS document imaging services can capture data off anything, from simple business reply cards to the longest survey responses. All jobs, regardless of size, receive the same attention in detail and accuracy.

We are experts in document imaging and conversion services with over 10,000 satisfied clients.

Our secure document imaging facilities along the eastern seaboard are centrally located and run on a 24-hour basis. We'll even arrange pick up and delivery. DRS clients know that their projects will be completed on time and on cost. Now that's peace of mind!


DRS Medical Records Preparation Solution for Ongoing Recovery Act Contractors (RAC) Audits - RACexpress™


RACexpress - A worry-free solution for converting paper medical records into electronic formats compatible with RAC audit requirements. Fast, easy and affordable.

Hospitals and medical clinics are now required to comply with random audit requests from Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC)…every forty-five days or so. On top of ever increasing pressure to convert to electronic records and train physicians in computerized order entry, where will you find the resources to respond to RAC audit demands within the required timeframe?

The DRS Turnkey Answer - RACexpress

DRS has the answer – our RACexpress. It’s painless. We come to you and handle everything with medical record scanning. The DRS RACexpress is an affordable, HIPAA compliant solution for hospitals and medical clinics to convert paper records to the required electronic format to satisfy ongoing RAC audit requests. From medical record scanning to indexing, you wind up with a CD or DVD containing the requested records and documents in an electronic format compatible with RAC requirements. DRS can also integrate these files into the RAC management software of your choice. The best part is that Medicare reimbursements could pay for the entire conversion service!

With RACexpress, you can even set up a rotating schedule for DRS to perform onsite medical record scanning or pick up medical records requested for periodic RAC audits. You can pre-arrange for DRS to perform RAC audit preparations six-to-eight times annually. Just give us a call and we’ll be there.


  • HIPAA Compliant Document Preparation and Conversion Services
  • Guaranteed to be Compatible with RAC Electronic Format Requirements
  • A Scheduled Service that Handles Everything - Onsite or at One of our Local Facilities
  • Results will be Compatible for Import into RAC Management Software of your Choice
  • RACexpress can Pay for Itself from Medicare Imaging Reimbursements!

DRS Imaging is the RAC audit expert! We understand the formatting requirements of each Recovery Act Contractor and we can relieve you of the burden of preparing paper medical records for ongoing RAC audit requests with a worry-free solution that typically pays for itself.

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