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Management Team

Our commitment to clients will continue to be the guiding beacon for the DRS Group.
We have never strayed from our belief that success results from satisfied customers, and
that's our promise to you.

The DRS Group has a seasoned management team. Each team member has considerable experience in the imaging industry. If you would like to know more about how DRS can help your company, please contact us.

Clifford Newman
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Newman started with The DRS Group in 1980 with primary responsibilities for sales and productions within the company. Cliff has overseen the growth of DRS from a small microfilm service bureau in New York City to its present state as one of the largest independent document service corporations within the United States. His business philosophy is predicated on two basic principles. The first is to surround himself with the best and brightest talent available, while the second is to listen to the needs of his clients and help them in any way possible. Cliff is an active member of AIIM/ARMA as well as a guest lecturer at universities and conferences.

Phone: (212) 924-8680; cnewman@drsimaging.com

Paul Solomon
Chief Operating Officer

Paul joined The DRS Group in July 1999 as Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for all business units outside of the New York area. Before joining The DRS Group, Mr. Solomon served at Dataplex/ACS Image Solutions as Vice President of Operations for twelve successful years. During his stay he helped develop both the Florida and Carolina business units. His hands-on approach with major clients has created a win/win type of environment on project success. Paul continues to create an environment that The DRS Group adheres to and we have become a valuable extension of our clients departments. To date, Mr. Solomon brings over twenty seven (27) years of experience in information services both with analog and digital document conversions. From years of experience on the litigation support side to mortgage record conversions, Paul’s experience provides the type of project management that is required in today’s document imaging world.

Phone: (954) 538-1112; psolomon@drsimaging.com

Doug Phelan
Chief Technology Officer

Doug joined The DRS Group in June 2004 as Chief Technology Officer with responsibility for all internal Technology Decisions within The DRS Organization. He also has operational responsibility for the New York Locations. Before joining The DRS Group, Mr. Phelan was a Director of Technology for a software development company specializing in securities processing. Prior to working in the securities industry he was the MIS Director for a top five Law firm in NY. Doug’s expertise lies in allowing The DRS Group to meet all its clients' needs. A large piece of his focus is allowing The DRS Group the ability to port scanning data into each client's Imaging System they have installed. He continues to monitor all changes within the Document Management arena allowing DRS to remain on the cutting edge of Document Imaging. To date, Mr. Phelan brings over Fifteen (15) years of experience in information services.

Phone: (212) 924-8680; dphelan@drsimaging.com

Jim Sheridan
Executive Vice President

Mr. Sheridan has over 30 years experience in the Document Management Industry. His focus over the years has been in the document capture market place. He has worked for and marketed several high end scanner products from Eastman Kodak to Bell and Howell to Canon in the New York market place. He has been involved with several successful multi-million document conversions that have converted paper, microfilm and microfiche to the electronic form it resides in today. Jim is an active member of AIIM/ARMA as well as IIMDA.

Jim is currently serving on the IIMDA board.

Phone: (212) 924-8680; jsheridan@drsimaging.com

John Civale
SVP Business Development

John joined The DRS Group in June 2008 as SVP of Business Development. John’s goals are to expand the DRS presence in the marketplace within the Healthcare, Commercial and Government business sectors.

John resides in Florida and brings over 27 years of experience in the Document Management Industry. John possesses a wealth of sales and operational expertise in all aspects of document scanning and micrographic service technologies. Prior to joining The DRS Group, John served as Vice President of American Micro-Image, Inc. and later, as the General Manager of HOV Systems (formerly Lason). John is an active member of the Florida Records Management Association (FRMA) and participates in a variety of industry organizations, trade shows and technology forums

Phone: (954) 538-1112; jcivale@drsimaging.com

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