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Westbrook Technologies

DRS is an Authorized Westbrook Technologies Reseller:

  • Westbrook Technologies Fortis Enterprise Document Management and File Magic Software Solutions.
  • Ideal for the Office, Department, Organization or Enterprise, Operating over a LAN, WAN, Intranet, the Internet or an Extranet.
  • DRS is Located in New York, Atlanta, Virginia, Houston, Florida and Four Other Secure Facilities along the Eastern Seaboard, including Puerto Rico

The Westbrook document management software suites allow users to eliminate time-consuming paper chases and electronic delivery searches in favor of immediate search and retrieval, thereby producing higher levels of productivity and a rapid return on investment.

Fortis Enterprise Document Management Software Solution

Fortis is a feature-rich client/server product suite that is ideal for the office, department, organization or enterprise, operating over a LAN, WAN, intranet, the internet or an extranet.

Fortis is available as a multi-user system with the following database options:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition embedded. With this configuration, the SQL Server database can only be used with Fortis.
  • Microsoft SQL Server as an open system. Fortis can be used with other applications.
  • Connection to Oracle as an open system. Fortis can be used with Oracle and other applications.

Client operating system environments are Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP.

Fortis offers many options, including Microsoft Office Integration, Electronic Report Management (ERM) support, CD/DVD publishing, a Web-based version - Fortis PowerWeb, a workflow feature - Fortis Inflo and an electronic authorization process - Fortis ApproveIt.

Find information you need fast
Automate business processes
Work from anywhere, any time

FortisBlue is a browser-based content management software solution that captures, archives, searches, annotates, retrieves and safeguards paper and electronic documents and data. It is accessible from the Internet or an intranet making it an affordable solution, of particular value for first-time users of content management. FortisBlue is installed once on an on-premise Web server. Because you don't install the software on each workstation, organizations save substantial IT resources without sacrificing usability or processing power. View Demo

A Rich Internet Application (RIA), FortisBlue has the characteristics of a traditional desktop client/server application, while leveraging the widespread availability of the Internet. Because FortisBlue looks and feels like a typical desktop application, users are able to get up and running with a short learning curve.

Advanced features in an entry-level solution

FortisBlue incorporates flexible capture, built-in workflow, electronic business forms and integration with multifunction devices into an entry-level solution for up to 25 users. The built-in electronic business forms module can be used to create and deploy surveys, job applications, student registration – and many other commonly used forms.

FortisBlue manages every aspect of the document life cycle. Document versioning tracks changes and who made them. And a check-in/check out feature locks documents for editing. FortisBlue workflow enforces retention schedules by automating document deletion. These capabilities support records management and compliance initiatives that affect all organizations.

A comprehensive, content management solution, FortisBlue provides the tools you need to make your work life easier. And it's well suited for use across all industries – from state/local government, manufacturing and legal to healthcare, education and finance.

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