About Us

Dedicated to superior document imaging services.

DRS was founded in 1964 with the goal of providing a less costly and more efficient means of document imaging, scanning, and management. With major facilities in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Houston and Virginia, DRS is one of the oldest and largest service bureaus in the United States. We have grown to service the entire nation, offering a complete line of on-site and off-site outsourced services, such as Document Imaging, Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning, Document Conversion, and Data Entry, turnkey Check 21 and EMR systems, scanning hardware and online document management solutions.

We have successfully completed more than 25,000 document scanning projects with a variety of systems and formats. Our success, which is measured by the satisfaction of our customers, has resulted in the continued growth of our reputation as a leader in document conversion to financial institutions, hospitals, and major corporations.

With our staff of highly-trained professionals, DRS is committed to guiding its customers through the maze of document imaging, scanning, and management. We also combine our experience with excellent products from Kodak, Psigen, Docuware, Laserfiche, Canon and Panini to provide turnkey imaging solutions for those who wish to perform in-house work on their own. Should you need a document or check scanner or a Kodak archive writer, DRS has been selected by Canon and Kodak to be an authorized reseller for their excellent equipment and software.

Over the last 50+ years, DRS has grown from a small document imaging service bureau to a large company with eleven facilities along the eastern seaboard employing hundreds of trained specialists. DRS operations at each location are independent companies serving the population at hand to the best of our ability.

Our experience and operational excellence have helped our customers improve business operations through increased productivity, lower costs and technological innovation that come with digital transformation of business.

The DRS Team

Each DRS management team member averages over twenty years of industry experience in document imaging, scanning, and management. In addition, each production team is run by highly trained and valued employees.  Many of our employees have earned the coveted Certified Document Imaging Architect Award from CompTIA for achieving mastery over all aspects of document imaging and conversion.

The DRS Group enjoys strategic partnerships with industry leaders, such as Canon, Kodak Alaris, LaserFiche, Psigen, Docuware and many more.   Our strategic partnerships and alliances help us maintain a competitive advantage through the application of technological innovation and worldwide service organizations.   to achieve cost-effective solutions.