Commercial and Industrial Markets

Be Automated and become more Competitive

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of our country. There is no other industry segment that is more passionate about getting more done with less and employee productivity. Automating business processes through the use of document scanning, business process outsourcing, and ECM (enterprise content management) allows US manufacturing companies to reduce costs and compete globally.

DRS understands how to harness technology to help improve the coordination between vendors, customers, partners and your manufacturing. We are experts in providing innovation in accounts receivable, accounts payable, engineering, logistics, human resources, plant inspections, forms automation, and much more.

DRS understands that paper is not good for business and costs organizations time and money. Information and business must be digitally transformed to be successful. Let DRS help you architect your blueprint for success with business process outsourcing.

Ask us about our solutions for:

  • Electronic forms and self-service options for HR Mobile technology for inspections and data collection
  • Case management systems
  • Contracts management
  • Solutions to support employee health records
  • Compliant repositories for Soc 2, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO, HIPAA, and more
  • Information Governance platforms
  • Business Process Outsourcing