Reduce Your Costs, Manual Processes, and Risk

Our user-friendly Docusuite software allows you to easily integrate and manage your business information, no matter where it is located–in an application or silo such as email, SharePoint, file shares, as well as enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP systems. This allows for the reduction of physical IT storage costs, which acts to limit compliance risks while maximizing information value.

DRS solutions allow for the automation of critical tasks involving your storage optimization and information governance. This is done through an initial analysis of your data to determine the best, most cost effective migration and deletion decisions. Then your data is classified to align with your compliance requirements through auto-encryption, retention schedules and access control. Following this, your information is either migrated for retention, retained for archival, or released for deletion based on the individual need of the information. Your data will be constantly monitored to insure rules and policies are always being followed. Finally, audit-proof reporting will be generated for you.

Software That Solves Problems


  • DocuAnalyze – this analyzes existing data in order to develop policies that tactically execute storage optimization and information governance decisions
  • DocuFile – includes DocuAnalyze alongside release, migration, monitoring, as well as reporting
  • DocuOffice – compliant, efficient archival for MS-SharePoint
  • DocuERP – manage ERP systems easily
  • DocuMail – active archive with real-time retrieval for MS Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • DocuClassify – adaptive auto-classification
  • Unified Archiving