K-12 and Higher Education

Information is critical to the success of business and education is one of the biggest businesses in the US.   Educating our population and the workforce of tomorrow is of the utmost importance to our nation.  The digital transformation of the business processes of Education is the same as any other industry: document management systems must be compliant and accurate while enabling our school systems to get more done with less.  Paper-based processes such as Accounts Payable, Enrollment, Student records is a waste of time, energy, and resources.

Education is everyone’s “business”!  We are experts at streamlining and automating education processes with document management system technologies that free up employees, administrators, and teachers valuable time.  The amount of education a child or young adult receives is directly proportional to the amount of teaching time and resource.  Spending money on manual processes and Paper-based processes take drain resources and negatively impact the students.

DRS document management systems cover education, healthcare, business, employee, and student records while freeing up time, improving the quality of education for students, and saving taxpayers money!

The numbers don’t lie:

There were 50.4 million students in public schools and 3.1 million FTE teachers.  This amounts to huge volumes of information: 3.1employee files, 3.1 million background checks, 3.1 paychecks per pay period, 50.4 million medical files, 50.4 million student records, 50.4 million report cards, 50.4 million exams, 50.4 million enrollment documents, financial aid requests, donation files, transcripts processing, vendor management, and the list goes on.

Application Include:

Enrollment Managment, Admissions Processing, Free and Reduced Meal Programs, Student Records, Accounts Payable, Transcripts, Human Resources, Donar Files, Vendor Management, Accounts Receivable, Student Billing, Registrar Forms Processing, Student On-boarding, Contract Management

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DRS offers information management and information processing services and systems. Including document scanning, facilities management, ECM Solutions, Cloud SaaS information repositories, Microfilm scanning services, scanning equipment, maintenance, and consulting.

Over 25,000 installations and Coast to Coast Document Transformation Centers (DTC): NYC, New Jersey, DC Metro, Atlanta, Miami, and Houston.

Near-Shore operations in Puerto Rico and Haiti.


Information Services and Systems to support: Legal, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Electonic Medical Records, Revenue Cycle Management, Release of Information, Student Records, Check processing (Check 21), Human Resources, Government Records, Police/Military information, and information governance.

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