DRS has been providing document management and imaging solutions across the US for over 50 years. As we focus on solutions that are used to manage and process information we have developed expertise in several major industries. It is this expertise and experience in these industries that make our deployments of services and systems highly successful.

What industries do we service? DRS has worked in all major industries but has been tasked to solve problems that exist in document intensive, compliance-centric industries primarily due to the mission critical importance of capturing, managing, processing, and preserving documents and information. These recipients of our document management and imaging services include but are not limited to Healthcare, Legal, Banking and Finance, Government, Education, and Commercial/Industrial (big business) markets.

We find many of our solutions involved in processing and managing information for individuals relating to employment, healthcare, and citizenship. We also find our solutions heavily involved in processing transactions from lockboxes through payables and everywhere in between. Modern business transaction run on accurate data and DRS document management and imaging solutions are industry leading in the capture of paper and transformation to data that feeds business processes.