LaserFiche ECM Software

Automate processes and manage your information!

DRS Solutions with Laserfiche have a vast range of capabilities that digitally transform businesses efficiently and effectively.  We have advanced capabilities to capture information capture with scanners, MFP’s, mobile photo capture, electronic forms, and e-signatures that then route the content through business workflows.  Business Process Automation (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM) are standard functions in Laserfiche technology.

BPA and BPM workflow automation promotes constant productivity and collaboration improvements that reduce costs and errors.  Resource-intensive business processes are streamlined in areas such as Human Resources, Invoice Processing, supply chain management, records management and more.

As always, Laserfiche compliantly (HIPAA, PCI, and DOD 5015) archives and preserves important information to support information governance.  Share documents, photo’s, video, and audio with any open system you are using and have installed using the Laserfiche Connector, SDK’s, or any number of Laserfiche Marketplace partners.