Healthcare EHR Scanning

Electronic Health Record Systems Scanning

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR)Systems are having great impact and are improving patient outcomes and reduce Health Information Management (HIM).  However, like Superman, all of these EHR systems have their Kryptonite or weaknesses.  In the case of EHR and EMR systems, their kryptonite is PAPER.Healthcare is not paperless.  In fact, in most EPIC, Nextgen, and Cerner implementations as much as 50%of the paper still remains. Organizations resort to daily medical records scanning in order to produce patient bills and claims.

These EHR systems typically come with small Fujitsu, Canon, or Kodak Alaris scanners capable of scanning a loose page or two from time to time requiring a nurse or staff member to data enter hundreds of keystrokes to load.  The problem with this type of medical record scanning is that if you are seeing a lot of patients as much as 50% of the patient chart still needs scanning and this can add up quickly.  In a midsize Hospital, this can be over 1.0 million pages per month.  At .25 per page to scan in-house with your staff you could be looking at $250,000 per month of costs.  Making issues worse if you fall behind so does your coding and billing operation which creates immediate cash flow pressures on the organization.

The answer is the DRS Healthcare Digital Mailroom solution which dramatically cuts costs, reduces errors, and accelerates cash flow.We take the complex challenge of medical record and EHR scanning and apply proven technology to streamline and simplify. Let DRS show you how we have done this for many major healthcare networks across theUS, and beyond.HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.

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