Psigen Capture Software

PSIcapture: Advance document and data capture

PSIcapture is an industry leading, sophisticated software application that manages all of the processes involved in perfecting an image, extracting data from the image, classifying the information and publishing to virtually any content management platform (CMS) in use today.  Images and data can be processed from forms, mobile devices, scanners, and faxes using advanced image perfection and OCR/ICR data extraction technology,

PSIcapture is flexible and works with over 60 ECM systems and all leading scanners which make PSIcapture an ideal fit for a service organization or a shared service center.  PSIFusion allows you to process work across a distributed enterprise when workers are not in a center location.  All PSIgen solutions can scale to meet the scope and size of any applicaton or organization.

PSIgen is a flagship product at DRS and allows us to deliver the highest value to price ratio for our solutions available in the industry today.

It’s a new day and there is a new way with PSIcapture and DRS!

Image Capture

Fast, accurate, and efficient capture from all leading devices and scanners.

Data Capture

Capture critical data using industry leading, award winning technology.  Accurately and Cost effectively!


Classify incoming documents by form type automatically using advanced features.

Share & Publish

Distribute and publish to content management, document management Management and Enterprise Content Systems  quickly and easily.